Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am very tired of the newbs on the web. No one wants to read the manual anymore, RTFM! They dont like FAQ's, Stickies, or even the little hints. What has gone wrong with the NET. Are we not teaching this new technology fast enough? Is it parental upbringing? Stupidity?

Every day I help people on forums, few say thanks, some have become friends, but many will never post that it worked. Are we to fast paced in this day and age to say it. How many times are people using titles on threads with bad descriptions and not posting enough info to even help themselves?

Well enough of my little rant. Time for a well deserved beer.

Hey fellow netizens. Decided to write my own blog for you all to enjoy.

Start out with a PC bussiness back in 95 part time, but the big job had me travel to much. Then started out in 2001 in IT with my new company and boy has technology changed. I do it all. Servers, PCs, Network, Firewalls, and now I blog.

Here are some sites that I browse on most days.

98% is all dell, DUDE!

What do we have

10 servers File, Print, DC, ISA, SQL, BES, WEB, Spam, UK, Canada
3 Firewalls
120 Laptops
100 Desktops
2 VPNS to other countries

KDX 220, VMAX, John deere 430 LG tractor, BEER, movies, friends, and more.

I will have to add more stuff real soon.