Tuesday, January 31, 2012

bye, bye physical keyboard, Hello virtual on my Torch 9860

Time for a change, dropped my 9810 from 2 meters (about 7 feet) off the ground and the screen smashed. So the only choice for me is BlackBerry for Push email and network access to my LAN built in with BES. There is no substitute, I love security and can be with out it. Too many trojans and malware present on other platforms. I have to think about my future and BlackBerry does it well if not the best of any mobile platform out there. Maybe tehre are some apps that are not on it, who cares when I have a PlayBook to do the rest of it. Soon Android apps will come to PlayBook and I will more apps than I will ever need. The native apps work so much better, time will tell next month when OS 2 is released.

This will be fun to get used to, I will miss being on the slider. I miss my Bold 9700 days too. Either way its going to be a fun filled day.