Friday, June 14, 2013

BES 10 common questions a KnottyRope Tip

Here are some answers to the most common questions ask about BES 10

BES 10 SRP is free and not a temp SRP, you only need to Buy CALs for it at about $60.00 USD per year per user unless you have a large users base to get a volume discount.

You can get BES 5 for free if you are on 4.x. no upgrade cost for going to BES 10.

BES 10.1 will install on your BES 5 SP4 server if you have enough resources for it or you can install it on a diff VM or server. BES 10 is KNOT an upgrade. You'll require BOTH your BES 5 SP4 , and BES10, to support the both old Java and new QNX devices.

BES 10 CALs are linked to your SRP. There are serveral types of CALs

BDS for BB10 and Playbook
UDS For IOS and Addroid
EMM for non Balance corporate whih requres a special data plan as well.

BES 10.1 requires you to trade up your existing BES 10 or Fusion CALs. nt fun but at least its still free to upgrade.

If you had Full BES before you can convert your CALs for free to PERMANANT CALs that wont expire. you have until end of year 2013 to upgrade them. You can start trading up CALs now, Remember this is not for BES Express 5, SBE or free Pro CALs

Installation tips
yes you can use your existing BESAdmin account and it does not require all the permission of the past. It actually uses the users AD credentials.

You will need a Seperate SQL database for BES 10 and you can use the same SQL server for it just name it the default name of BDSMgmt

EAS does not need to be open to internet for BDS, but for now it is needed for UDS until next update comes this summer.

SRP and CAL info when installing can be fun since the naming is differnet in the email and the docs.
Product Download Available BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 - 60 Day Trial (20 user)
Quantity: 1 Download BlackBerry Device Service version 6
Quantity: 1
Universal Device Service version 6
Quantity: 1
Number 1 of 1 Serial Number: XXXXXXXXX (In BES10 Installation, This is SRP Identfier) License Key: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (In BES10 Installation, This is SRP Authentication Key)
BES10 EMM Standard for BlackBerry v10.0 - Trial License (20 user)
Quantity: 1
Number 1 of 1 CAL ID: XXXXXXXXXXX CAL Authentication Key: XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX (In BES10 installation, this is the CAL Key)
BES10 EMM Standard for iOS and Android v10.0 - Trial License (20 user)
Quantity: 1

Activation tips
Most people forget to make a Email profile and assign it to a new user. So they get actiated but no email. Add email profile in BAS by going to: Blackberry Solution Management, Profiles, Create an email profile with your mail server details.

Cant activate device? Did you try to put in your SRP for server address? if it works after then you can have BES associate your domain to your SRP. Set it at Register activation information with BlackBerry Infrastructure in BAS under Devices, Wireless activations, Device activation settings.

Click to search the Knowledge Base at BTSC and click to Read The Fabulous Manuals

new apps for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Z10 Apps:


Music & Audio:

·         SoundHound (SoundHound Inc.)*



·         BigHand (BigHand)

·         Mobile Loan Calculator for BlackBerry 10 (CompuRex)



·         Hotel Quickly (Hotel Quickly Inc.)



·         A&E Ultimate History Quiz (AE Networks)


*Also available on BlackBerry Q10


BlackBerry Q10 Apps:


Navigation & Travel:

·         Vueling Airlines (Vueling Airlines SA)

·         MakeMyTrip (MakeMyTrip)


Music & Audio:

·         Sony Music - Bollywood Remix  (Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.)


News & Magazines:

·         Formula 1 for BlackBerry 10 (Cadena Capriles by s42)

·         Bollywood Hungama ( Pvt. Ltd.)

·         ABP News (Media Content and Communication Services Pvt Ltd)

·         Economic Times (Times Internet Limited)

·         Cosmopolitan (India Today Group)



· (Trader Corporation)

·         PC Plus (Loblaws Inc.)

·         Renfe (Renfe)

·         VoucherCloud  (Invitation Digital Ltd)

·         My EE (Everything Everywhere Ltd)



·         FaceMix for BlackBerry10 (Inovidea Magna Global)


BlackBerry Dev Picks of the Week:


Here are the top ‘must-haves’ apps according to our BlackBerry developers:

1.       GialloZafferano (Banzai)“This app has a lot of cooking recipes of the famous dishes Italian cuisine and video recipes by GialloZafferano, the leading cooking portal in Italy.”

2.       Hotel Quickly (Hotel Quickly Ltd.) “This app is what you need when you travel to south east Asia. It provides a lot of choices for affordable hotels. Through the app you can book the hotel room, view the room, see updated prices, and more. I chose this app since it very useful for backpackers and travelers—I also booked a room during my journey.”

3.       MoneyMind (K2 Mobile) “Manage your expenses with this app.”

4.       Photo Assistant Outdoor (DageMcc DS) With this app we can estimate the best setting for our camera depending on the time and location. It can suggest or calculate what we should use to get a good picture. It very useful for photographer from amateur to professional. I find it very useful for me that's why I nominate this app.”

5.       Penalty World Cup (Genera Mobile) “This game is attractive you can play as both the shooter and the goal keeper”

6.       Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter (Tatem Games) “This is the good action game, the entertainment value is we as a "dinosaurs hunter"

Latest App News:


Keep an eye out for TDD Waterhouse, Discovery Channel and CNN News apps which will be available for the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 in the next week!  Also in the next week, PGA Tour app and Piano app will be available for the BlackBerry Q10.


For a look at all BlackBerry 10 apps, head to BlackBerry World.