Tuesday, September 9, 2014

a new iWhat?

Wow, so BlackBerry has had

NFC on its 9900
Wifi calling since like 2005

but apple claims to invent it?

oh a new 1/7 ghz cpu, funny android did that years ago and the BlackBerry Z30 has it

better selfie camera? lol please, we know what happens to them now

so now the power button is on the side? ask a Samsung Note user about that mistake

1080 screen? ok done already by many but really it don't help unless you have a magnifying glass

they call it 6 Plus but it's 5.5 inches? sounds like a lot of guys here at work

new way to pay? no its not new but after that icloud hack who would trust their money with it

thinner with same battery? why don't you want to use a phone that can last all day long?

No SD card support but for several hundred more you can get 128 gig, other phones can add on 128gig for under a hundred bucks

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are behind the competition in terms of specs, LOL

Apple watch with a BlackBerry track wheel? how high tech is that?
not water proof? LOL but there will be condoms for that or you are wearing it wrong!
cant use it unless you have an iphone? oh yeah that means spending over a grand to wear a watch
are you a leftie? you are using the wrong hand!
don't worry you can still ask siri what time it is since you cant tell analog time anyways

you should wait for BlackBerry Passport, Blend and more coming 9-24-2014