Wednesday, December 19, 2012

BlackBerry Fans Get Hands-On BlackBerry 10

RIM asked me to come up to Waterloo, Ontario for a sneak peek at BlackBerry 10. What an honor and I could knot say no to this.

Yes I had to sign an NDA but it was so worth it. I was blown away with whats going to come. Wish I could tell more about BlackBerry 10 in detail. I did get an over view on apps, games and a whole lot more to come. RIM has changed their game plan and its going to be great.

I even had my picture taken with Thorstein Heinz.

see more here about my visit

I also met up with some awesome people that love BlackBerry too.


Dont forget to listen to a lil song aboot BB10 from @BTBREPRESENTA
No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10, A BlackBerry Song by Lil E Click here to listen

for more info on BlackBerry 10


  1. Awesome you got to go! Minor edit: Thorstein _Heins_.... :)